Productions, mashups and collaborations

T.F.F. productions starts on the Adinfinitum Records italian label with “Vestali” e “Burn” with a lot of important supports.
After these, his first collab is with Swoan Mayer and the track, “Without Contact” it’s released from Solarstone on his Touchstone Recordings label. It’s the first time that he receive big supports from some of the best trance and progressive world artists like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ruben De Ronde, Airwave, Gai Barone and more.
The track has been played in Canada during a live performance by Solarstone.
After this period, a good friendships born with Steve Carniel and their first release “Fusion” will be part on Pure Trance Vol. 4, important double CD compilation mixed from Solarstone and Gai Barone on Black Hole Recordings.
Progressive trance and dark progressive sounds inspiring the duo and the next release “Magnitudo” will be released on Sunstate Records. This track, with supports from legend as M.I.K.E. Push and Cosmic Gate, will reach the 27th position on the beatport top 100 releases chart.
After a while, T.F.F. & Steve Carniel will released a remix of the original Blufeld track “Saddleback Soaring” always on Substate Records.
The follow release is “A Beautiful Mind”, an interesting collab with Harmonix, a progressive trance artist from Pure Trance Vol. 4 group. It will be released on Redux Recordings.
Meanwhile, T.F.F. love to play with many vocal and uplifting tracks and create different mashups with amazing supports like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Jes, Colonial One and many more.
Recently signed another forthcoming progressive track on the OLD SQL Record Label.
Actually he’s at work on many other tracks with his fellow Steve Carniel.