T.F.F. is a italian music project created by Silvio Amata in 2010.


Silvio Amata, T.F.F founder. Image for the bio.


During these years he shows great love for all the electronic vibes from the 120 to the 140 bpm especially for trance and progressive genres.
He’s inspired by great artists like Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Solarstone and many more.
From July of 2010 he starts to work as collaborator and afterwards as music programmer alongside Andrea Mazza on Trance Evolution broadcasted on M2O Radio, the one and only trance and progressive radioshow in an FM Italian radio station.



Radio shows and live performances

Thanks to this experience he learn to use music software, Ableton Live above all. With this DAW he begins to produce his mixed selections for different web radios.
Starting from 2012 his radio shows are broadcasted on 1mix Radio, Silvermusic Radio and Trance-Energy Radio (see Contacts page for more details).
During his radioshow, T.F.F. propose 60 minutes with the best fresh tracks from dark progressive, progressive trance, uplifting trance, with a pinch of psy trance, tech trance and sometimes progressive house.
He appears often on Digitally Imported on the progressive channel as independent guest or special guest for other artists and label like Blufeld, Division One, Suzy Solar, Incepto Music and more. Lately he took part in the special Digitally Imported 17th anniversary alongside some of the best names of the trance & progressive music world like Vintage & Morelli, Gai Barone, Danilo Ercole, Mark Found etc. Interesting live performance in Bologna on the official Giuseppe Ottaviani “Go On Air Night” pre-party in Bologna at Arteria Club under the Art Of Trance organization.